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This image depicts a concrete floor in a garage or industrial space with a small object in the center, and white cabinetry against the back wall.


This image shows a spacious garage with a speckled epoxy floor. There are white cabinets against the wall, and a sign on the left side.


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Concrete Coating Services

At X Factor Coatings, we’ve perfected a one-day process for concrete floor coating installations using Polyurea/Polyspartic products. When you work with us, you get the X Factor X-perience: a combination of our expertise in the industry, a focus on excellent customer service, and execution with the highest attention to detail.

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Learn why the team with the X Factor X-perience is the best in the industry.

Personalized Consultation

We go beyond providing a free quote. When we come to your home or business for a consultation, we’ll take the time to examine your floor and give you our honest assessment of what you need. Every floor has a unique past, and we’re here to ensure it gets the right treatment for future use.

4X Stronger Than Epoxy

Our complete Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coating System is 4x the strength of epoxy alternatives, for a better, longer-lasting solution. Plus, we provide a 15 Year Warranty from peeling, bubbling, or flaking off and a lifetime warranty from color fading, to ensure your total satisfaction.

Restore & Protect Your concrete

We repair pitted and cracked concrete, grinding it to an even surface before applying our slip-resistant and water-resistant Coating System. Our system extends your floor's life and protect against chemicals, oil, and other contaminants, ensuring safety and easy maintenance.

This image shows a close-up view of a speckled gray epoxy floor with a visible control joint, juxtaposed against a white baseboard and wall.
The image appears to be a solid color with no discernible features, patterns, or objects. It is a simple rectangle filled with a dark green hue.
This image shows a speckled, wet garage floor leading to an open gate with a view of a residential area, greenery, and a partly cloudy sky.

Our Service Areas

With our highly trained teams based in New York and Florida, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in concrete restoration and protection across the East Coast.

Southwest Florida

Explore our service areas in the Sunshine State.

Western New York

Explore our service areas near the City of Good Neighbors.

The image appears to be a solid color with no discernible features, patterns, or objects. It is a simple rectangle filled with a dark green hue.

The Concrete

Coating Process

Discover our 9-step process designed to guarantee a proper chemical bond with the concrete, ensuring enhanced durability and flawless coating application.

Two people in protective gear are applying a coating to a textured floor in a bright, empty room with white walls and a window.


Explore some of our most frequently asked questions.

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X Factor Coatings uses a 3-Layer Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coating System versus an Epoxy System. The two different systems may look the same when completed, however, the actual chemical composition is much different. One of the main features and benefits for our system is faster cure times with no temperature restrictions, which allows for a 1-Day installation. Epoxies take much longer to cure so they are forced to leave and come back several times which takes more time (labor) and travel costs. Our focus is providing a more premium product with an optimized installation process that translates to better value for you since you ultimately pay Home Improvement companies for time and material.
The true answer to that question is: Not Necessarily. There are plenty of companies in this area offering garage floor coatings, however, the pricing that we come across varies quite a bit. Sometimes we are much lower for comparable systems and epoxy systems, other times we may be slightly higher. Your best course of action is to have us come take a look at your desired project, as this is the only way for us to calculate pricing, especially considering all of the variability.

Most of the projects we install have some form of structural damage, whether this be cracks, gouges, or spalling. This issue is easily correctable with our Polyurea Repair Compound. This material soaks into the pores of the concrete and levels out even with the grade of the concrete. It cures within 30-45 minutes and is then able to be grinded smooth, which basically gives you a newer looking slab prior to the 3-Layer Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coating System. We will be the first to advise replacement if we do not feel we can offer our 15 Year Warranty with confidence.

The answer is: Yes! We can apply this product to virtually any concrete surface including porches, patios, basements, as well as commercial and industrial areas, too. Combined areas always receive the best pricing (for example: combining a porch with your garage service). We can usually finish 800-1,000 SF in 1 Day with one team depending on the scope of work. Please note that weather does play a role in scheduling of exterior areas.
We add a non-skid additive into the clear coat of every floor we do. There are different size aggregates for garages, pool decks, or steps that have a higher chance of being slippery. Keeping your surface clean of solvents, oil, and grease is important as these can cause the floor to be slippery. There is always inherent risk with sealed, painted, or coated surfaces.
Technically, no, however it is highly recommended for the following reasons: The ¼” color flakes we offer are very decorative, they help hide dirt and debris that gets on the floor, gives the floor more abrasion resistance, covers up many of the sins of the floor, and adds texture for added non-skid features. Please note that solid color options are more expensive and increase the chance of slip and fall.
The image shows a close-up of a speckled floor meeting a brick edge, with a partial view of a person's leg to the right side.